Internet Marketing Articles – Creating Backlinks to Your Articles

Writing internet marketing articles is a very powerful and efficient way to promote internet marketing products. Many internet marketers prefer this strategy because of its obvious advantages. Article marketing is free, and it is very viral.

After you write an internet marketing article, you want to maximize its exposure. The more visibility it gets, the more this article will work for you, and the more profit you will stand to make from it.

Internet marketers create backlinks to give their article this much needed exposure and to get the search engines to notice their articles. Backlinks are links that point back to your article from another website. The more important or higher ranking the website that is linking to your article, the more powerful the backlink will be.

Backlinks to your internet marketing article indicate the popularity of your article. The search engines take into account this popularity in order to rank your article. They want to provide their readers with the best, most sought after content, and to them backlinks is an indication.

When creating backlinks to your internet marketing articles, the most effective way is to create an anchor text link using your targeted keyword. In other words, use your targeted article keyword in the hyperlink pointing back to your article url from another website. If your article is about “dog training”, use these words in your anchor text link, instead of using a url in your link, or simply “click here”. This will strengthen the SEO to that article and that keyword.

So how do you create backlinks effectively?

Blogs. Go to blogs in the niche that you are writing about. Leave valuable comments (no spamming) and create a link back to your article. Wherever possible use the above described anchor text link in your post (instead of a url or name).
Forums. Include anchor text links in your forum signature block, if allowed. Again, use your targeted keywords in the hyperlink which points back to your article url. Every time you make a comment your link will be on every page that you post on.
Social bookmarking sites. Submit your article to social bookmarking sites. There are easy ways to do this. There are different programs which submit them to many sites at a time. I use Onlywire as well as SocialMaker. First you have to register with all the sites you want your article distributed to, which does take a little bit of time. But once you are registered it is very easy to submit to them through these services.
SEO linkbuilding services. Usually, for a monthly fee they will create backlinks for you, or they will give you chosen websites they have researched for creating backlinks. These tend to be very effective. Most are very pricey.
Videos. Create videos and submit them to a few video sites, and create backlinks back to your article or website. Video sites are very hot and can create a lot of search engine juice.
Get the most exposure from your internet marketing articles. Backlinking is one of the most important strategies that you can use.

Create videos for your internet marketing articles [http://www.

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